I tried the “Warby Parker of Bras:” Harper Wilde

Let’s get to the point:

My Verdict: It’s good, but not great.  The Harper Wilde bra is disappointingly average. 

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Now to the Details…

I’m a sucker for a “revolutionized” version of almost anything sold on Instagram…and the Harper Wilde bra is no exception.   Harper Wilde claims to have created “Everyday bras without the hassle” while changing the way women shop for bras.  And while I’m a big fan of their business model, their bra has already ended up forgotten on the bottom of my underwear drawer.  Let’s talk about the good and the bad of Harper Wilde bras:


Yay! Got my at-home try-on box in the mail
  1. At-home try-on program: This is the single biggest differentiator of Harper Wilde.  Through their try-on program, I was able to pick out any 3 bras from their site to try-on at home.  I chose 3 sizes of their classic bra (called “The Base“), but you can choose different colors or styles as well.  Then, in Warby Parker-esque style, they mailed all 3 bras to my apartment (charging $0 upfront).  I had 7 days to mail any items I did not want back using their pre-printed return label. 
  2. The price: At $35, the price of the Harper Wilde bra is pretty palatable  for a bra…especially compared to the more expensive bras floating all over social media like Thirdlove (~$68) and Knix (~$55). 
  3. Free Returns: Can’t argue with that, right?
  4. Purpose: A portion of each sale is donated to girls’ education.  I couldn’t find exactly what percentage they donate, but I’m still on-board with that!


Photo Credit: Harper Wilde
  1. The Quality: I won’t say the quality of the Harper Wilde bra is “bad” per se, but it’s concretely average.  The fabric, straps, style, construction, etc. look like all the other bras I’ve ever tried on before. If you’ve ever purchased bras before, chances are you already have this one in your closet. 
  2. The Comfort & Fit: While I ordered 3 different styles, I couldn’t find any that seemed to fit “just right.”  I’ve gotten spoiled with my Thirdlove half sizes, and trying on these bras has brought me back to the old (and not so good) days of full size options.  There were a few points on the bra that uncomfortably dug into my skin from all the sizes.  In the front between the cups, I even had to slide a piece of paper towel underneath the bra in order to wear it somewhat comfortably.
  3. Selection: Harper Wilde’s “thing” is a simple collection of just a few styles and colors. Unfortunately, this simplicity also extends to their size range.   With no half sizes, and cup sizes from an A to just a DD, there are surely some women who won’t fit into their products.  And if you are into fun colors, styles, or matching underwear, you will have to look elsewhere.

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